Teen Therapy

As a PARENT of a teenager, you may be: 

  • finding it increasingly difficult to communicate or connect with your teenager
  • watching your teen fail in school (or refuse to go) , and despite all your efforts to help, things are not getting any better
  • concerned that your teen is not motivated, has low self-esteem, and/or is pessimistic about his/her future
  • seeing your teen acting out, becoming defiant, or exhibiting increased anger, and you aren't quite sure how to support him/her
  • or not be aware that your teen is drinking alcohol, using drugs, and hanging out with the wrong crowd
  • worried about your teen being sexually active and you are not sure how to address your fears and concerns with him/her
  • noticing signs of stress, depression or hopelessness with your teen and if so, you may be afraid that your teen could be at risk of suicide

For many teens, the idea of going to therapy can be pretty scary and/or they may be resistant to the stigma that can be attached to being in therapy - "Only crazy people go to therapy" and/or "What will people think of me if they know I'm seeing a therapist?" In my experience working with teens, I find that it typically is a quick matter of time before a teen finds their place in therapy, trusts the process and therapeutic relationship, and believes that therapy is a benefit to their well-being. 

I would be more than happy to address any questions that you may have about your teen, their participation in therapy, and the process of getting things started. Call or email me today and let's get that initial appointment scheduled!

As a TEENAGER, growing up these days can be very challenging:

There are so many demands placed on you and sometimes the pressures can be unbearable.  Believe it or not, there are many teens that are struggling with these or very similar issues - you are not alone!  The good news is, you can feel better about yourself and be in more control of what is going on in your life.  

 Does it feel like your parents are on your case all the time, and just won’t give you a break?
Do you feel like your parents just don’t understand or trust you, and that no matter what you say, they don’t listen?
 Is there something huge going on in your life, or do you have a secret that you feel you can’t tell anyone?
 Are you feeling sad, depressed, or hopeless about your life?
Have thoughts of self-harm or suicide ever crossed your mind?
Do you constantly compare yourself to others and wish you could be more like them?
 Are you feeling pressured to use drugs or alcohol?
Are  you feeling pressured to have sex, or are rumors going around about you that aren’t true?
Are you feeling overwhelmed about school and just can’t make the grades you or your parents expect?
 Do you feel alone or that you just don’t fit in with any group?
 Are you struggling with identity issues regarding gender/sexuality?

Whatever reasons bring you to therapy, I want to assure you that it is my goal to provide you with an environment that feels safe, comfortable, and supportive.  

What to Expect

The idea of “going to therapy” can be pretty scary for many teens, or it may be that therapy just doesn’t appeal to them -- besides, who wants to go tell their problems to a stranger anyway?  

Therapy does not have to be a horrible experience, as a matter of fact, MANY teens that I am currently working with report that they look forward to coming in for therapy and having their own private and confidential place to “unload”, problem-solve, and be heard. 

Some teens come to my office for therapy (with resistance) through an initial appointment scheduled by their parents; however, many teens come willingly.  Either way, an appointment gets scheduled, and the process begins.  In my practice and experience, I find that most teens find their place in therapy, and believe that it is a beneficial experience for them.

In many cases, I will meet with the parents and teen together for an initial assessment, thereafter, sessions will continue solely with the teen.  Many times the parent and teens perception of the “problem” does not match, and that is the point where therapy often begins.

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