Couples Therapy

Couples/Marriage therapy can help you to:

Communicate more effectively
Rebuild trust
Resolve conflicts
Recognize defeating behaviors/words
Overcome obstacles
Heal from the pain of betrayal/infidelity
Strengthen commitments
Learn to have fun again
Feel more valued
Become more emotionally connected
Rekindle intimacy
Support one another as parents

Do any of the following questions resonate with you?

Does it feel as if your marriage is slipping away? Have you drawn the conclusion that your relationship is beyond repair?

Are you and your spouse/partner having difficulties communicating with one another? Do you feel as if you are continually misunderstood?

Do you feel lonely in your marriage? Are your emotional needs not getting met?

Are there more feelings of despair and anger, than love and fulfillment? Has your marriage lost its intimacy?

Have busy schedules, employment and parenthood left your life feeling chaotic and out of control? Do you find that you have little/no energy to give to your marriage at the end of the day?

If your marriage is being challenged with issues similar to these, you may be asking yourself "How did we get here" and "What can we do about it?" It may be hard to imagine that resolution of such issues is even possible.  Perhaps the thought of marriage therapy brings about overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety. You are not alone! These feelings are quite common for couples contemplating therapy. Hang in there; there is help! Let today be the day you step outside of your "comfort zone" in order to take the first step towards mending your marriage - call or email me today!

How Therapy Can Make a Difference

Amongst the many issues that couples bring with them to therapy, the common denominator most often seen is the inability for couples to "effectively" communicate with one another. What once felt effortless is now experienced as a huge roadblock in the relationship. How can a couple overcome the stressors, problems, and crises in their lives if they are unable to communicate with one another and truly be heard?  Effective communication is essential in problem solving, and without it, where are you? 

Effective Communication

The goal of effective communication is to obtain a mutual understanding and work towards finding a solution that pleases both partners, rather than one partner "winning" or being "right." With effective communication, and a dedicated commitment to change, your relationship can be well on its way to regaining the love, trust, and intimacy you once shared.

Within a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment, marriage therapy provides a couple the opportunity to identify and explore their issues with the guidance of an objective and experienced professional. Therapy also offers a neutral "space" to learn more about your relationship, recover from emotional wounds, anad discover new ways of reconnecting with one another.

Who Can Benefit From Therapy?
A couple does not have to be married to benefit from therapy. Whether you're engaged, married, in a committed relationship, or on the brink of a separation/divorce, if your relationship is suffering in any way, therapy can provide a subsantial benefit to your relationship.

Given a couple's determination and commitment to bring about change within their relationship, it is truly possible that a couples goals of therapy can be accomplished and maintained for years to come.

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